A Knock – and Beyond That


This mother’s emotion literally radiates from her words. Thank you, donors, for lighting up her home!


To Tov V’Chesed, under the leadership of R’ Yaakov Eliezer Shisha!


letter #6A knock on the door…

Nu, that’s a normal occurrence! Yet, a minute later tears filled my eyes, tears of emotion.It is simply amazing, the tremendous chesed you do. So pleasant, so modest, full of dignity and heart.


The heart and soul that you put into everything is so obvious. It’s not just a package, it’s without humiliation… just with the purpose of bringing joy to another Jewish family in honor of Yom Tov.

There is no doubt that as you stand at the threshold of a sweet new year, your chesed leaves a tremendous impression in shamayim.


May Hashem Bless you with all good things.



Bring joy to another family