Mission Statement


Established in 2002, Tov V’Chesed’s mission is to feed truly needy families in Israel in a way that does not compromise their dignity. We purchase food in bulk at wholesale prices and arrange for volunteers to pack it all neatly into boxes. Thousands of families, including many single mothers and those suffering through illness know that they can depend on us to deliver their groceries to their front door right on schedule, regardless of the circumstances.



Tov V’Chesed is run with the sensitivity that our director developed when he experienced the shame and pain of poverty himself. Every attempt is made to understand the specific needs of our families and customize our services accordingly. We provide monetary aid to our families when they encounter significant expenses such as a medical crisis, a wedding, or the birth of a child. We provide tefillin for Bar Mitzvah boys, Chanuka gifts for orphaned children, and send volunteers to bring joy to suffering families on Purim.


True to our name, Tov V’Chesed spreads ‘goodness and kindness’ – in any way possible – to those in need.


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