BREAKING: R’ Chaim’s Chol Hamoed Visit

Apr. 25, ’16


Maron Sar Hatorah, Rav Chaim Kanievsky never leaves his home. However, twice a year, on Chol Hamoed Succos and Pesach, he makes a special trip from his home in Bnei Brak to the Kosel. This year on his trip to Yerushalayim, R’ Chaim altered his route and honored us with an unprecedented visit to our headquarters.





This Pesach marks the fourteenth year since Tov V’Chesed was founded.  Beginning with Rabbi Shisha’s promise to put an end to the suffering of Israel’s children, and some  boxes of food, the organization grew to help 37,000 children yearly. This record-breaking visit by the Gadol Hador was an acknowledgement of the impact that our services have on the lives of thousands!


First, R’ Chaim visited the office area adjoining the warehouse, and was shocked at the amount of applications that we receive on a daily basis! He looked through the files in amazement.
R’ Chaim was then shown the massive food warehouse; now empty of the 995,538 pounds of matzah, chicken and other Pesach foods that have been distributed across the country last week.


In the midst of this inspiration in process, in walked 250 orphans; to celebrate a siyum on Seder Moed that they’d learned in memory of their parents. (The learning program is arranged by Project Boneinu, a division that offers mentorship and support for orphaned boys.) The children excitedly greeted and sang for Harav Kanievsky. They felt so honored and special that this Torah giant had gone out of his way for them. A young orphan, whose Bar Mitzvah was that day, made the siyum as tears formed in R’ Chaim’s eyes. The siyum concluded with choked emotion; all 250 orphans stood up and raised their innocent voices to recite kaddish for their parents…




Finally, Rabbi Shisha took the podium and thanked the Sar Hatorah for coming. He requested a brachah from R’ Chaim that there should be an end to all the suffering, that no child should suffer from hunger and all the orphans should be reunited with their parents.


R’ Chaim answered “Amen,” and blessed all the orphans that they should receive everything they ever wish for. The orphans sang and danced and escorted R’ Chaim as he made his way to the Kosel to daven for them.




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