Chicken; A Purim Delight

“So I can’t decide; should I go do the grocery shopping now? I have too many other errands, but on the other hand, I’m out of chicken for the rest of the week…” This conversation, while typical to most housewives in most places, is certainly not routine for the mother of this family.


To Tov V’Chesed,

letter #2

Thank you for your extra weekly חלוקה before Purim. We really appreciated the meat as well the chicken for Purim and Shabbos. This came along with your monthly חלוקה. Everything helped to make a freilachen Purim. Then on Purim I received your generous check of 500 shekel which will be a start for פסח אי”ה. It should be a זכות for יעקב דוד בן פריידל & אפרים אביגדור בן זיסל.Hashem should bentch them with good health, הצלחה in all their endeavors, and סייעתא דשמיא!

May Hashem bless all of you who work for Tov V’Chesed, and help you to have continued success to be able to help others. May He give you all good health, שפע ברכה  in  פרנסה ,  סייעתא דשמיא  in all that you do, & much  נחת from all your descendants.




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