Food. Plain and simple.

It’s what stands between thousands of children in Israel and a normal, functioning life. The dreams of these children are not comprised of their own 14-channels or maybe a drone. They dream of a snack to bring to school, a hot bowl of soup, and maybe some fresh challah on Shabbos. But, in addition to the shame of poverty and the pain of their loss, the kids must also deal with very real and insistent pangs of hunger.





Here’s where we come in. Tov V’Chesed, with the help of generous people like you, provides 37,000 poor and orphaned children yearly with boxes of nourishing food on a steady basis. According to their level of need, these children and their families receive packages weekly, monthly, or before the Yamim Tovim. And true to the promise that our director, Rabbi Shisha made in the throes of his own hunger and shame as a young boy – that no child should suffer the shame of poverty – every food package is delivered to the door, protecting the dignity of each recipient.


We need you. Get involved today.