Fun to the Extreme

Apr. 20, ’16

There is a frenetic quality to Erev Pesach unmatched by the Erev of any other Yom Tov. What with the collective (and quite ferocious) quest to be rid of everything chometz, in addition to the preparation of sedarim and many meals, it is – for many – barely controlled chaos at best.

And for a single-parent family? Let’s not even go there…

With just that in mind, (the unspeakable tensions that can escalate in such circumstances) a bein hazemanim trip was organized for the hundreds of young orphans that benefit from our services year-round. Yes, it’s this close to Pesach, which is precisely why this breather for kids and single parents alike was much-needed and in perfect timing.




The X Extreme Sports Park in Haifa rang with the gleeful laughter of the romping boys. They had all the time they wanted to make full use of the rock-climbing wall and ropes course, and the park’s stunning grounds made for a delightful setting to the fun! Throughout, the orphans’ mentors showered them with warm encouragement, and this perfect day ended with a bang – or rather a wave! – a thrilling boat ride.

Each child returned home rejuvenated, and fortified with emotional strength to face the challenges that Yom Tov as an orphan brings.