Look, YOU did that!

Mar. 30, ’16


To you, who opened your heart and wallet this Purim, here’s what your gift made happen bo bayom:

500 struggling families could prepare their own Purim meal and mishloach manos this year, with the additional groceries and goodies included in their weekly and monthly food packages.




85 single-parent families received a complete Purim meal, and each child was delighted with a personal mishloach manos of their own.




500 orphaned children were thrilled to receive Purim gelt!


A scrumptious meal was prepared in the Shisha home for over 200 orphaned children. How they danced! The happiness that these kids felt as they reveled in the food, music and personal attention is really hard to describe. We hope the pictures will do some justice to their joy.


IMG-20160401-WA0018 IMG-20160401-WA0020


We cannot thank you enough for your kindness, and for the unbridled joy that it brought to the poor and orphaned children in Israel. May you be blessed with the best of everything, always, in this astounding zechus!