Much More Than Food

Sept. 15, ’17
Donors, this is what your gift to Tov V’Chesed does. And it’s a lot more than food.
When people struggle with aching hunger on top of loss, illness, incarceration, or other crippling situations, a complete Yom Tov at their doorstep is a salve to the soul. When they know that people across the world care enough about them to ease their suffering, it fills them in a way that just food never will. Your gift gives comfort, love, hope and all things promising to broken yidden in Israel. Your care might make them whole again.
Oh, and your gift is behind the massive shipments of over 40 food products that arrive at our warehouse. Groups of volunteers sort and pack them neatly into boxes. Your gift is how we can get the freshest foods at the lowest prices. Your recipient family is going to get top quality this Yom Tov, as usual. The warmth behind your gift is what fuels our volunteers and employees as they put together yet another Yom Tov distribution and flex their muscles for some serious stair-climbing, come delivery day. Stay tuned for that!
Thanks again. Your gift sends food and love and care across the ocean. Thanks for your part in nearly 5,000 families’ simchas Yom Tov this year!