Packs of Joy

Apr. 13, ’16


It’s been an action-packed 2 days for employees and volunteers (and warehouse lights) alike, what with the intense operation they’ve taken part in. Aforementioned 48 hours were a more or less continuous flow of streamlined packaging, with deft hands and machinery seriously competing in the efficiency department. End result? Thousands of boxes that contain everything a family may need for the Yom Tov of freedom and redemption, cleaning materials included!





The boxes of food were sealed, stacked, and fork-lifted into place. They are now ready for next week’s excitement: delivery! The street in front of the warehouse will be teeming for three days next week as the packages will get delivered all over Israel. And 37,000 poor and orphaned children will have plenty to eat this Pesach!


We’ll keep you posted!


P.S. 1,500 children are still on our waiting list for Yom Tov food. Click here to send a package to at least one!