A child in Eretz Yisroel is hungry. And he’s waiting for you.

All he needs is food. All that costs is $28 a month.

With his tummy full, he’ll grow and learn and play, like every child should.

Thanks to you, he’ll flourish. If you’ll feed him, that is.

Our Adopt-A-Child program is made for people like you, who want to eradicate hunger in Israel, one child at a time.

Who Donates? Caring people who want to feed a child on a monthly basis.

Who Benefits? Children from poor or orphaned homes who go to sleep with empty stomachs.

What’s sent? Essentials like bread, milk, vegetables and drinks, and basic food items like canned food and snacks.



The newfound sparkle in his eye is yours today. The lasting spring in his step is yours tomorrow.

The priceless zechus is yours forever.

Take a forlorn child under your wing. Reap everlasting rewards.