Shavuos expenses have a way of adding up fast! Even though it’s just a short Yom Tov, it requires special dairy foods and meat that that our families have no way of buying.

We prepare a special package containing a box of basic groceries, a box of chicken and meat in honor of Yom Tov, and a box of dairy products that are traditionally eaten on Shavuos. These packages are delivered to all the families on our weekly and monthly route, as well as to the neediest families on our Pesach and Sukkos route.

For many children, this is the only time each year that they get to eat yogurt and cheese! We make sure that when our families count the 49 days of sefira, they count them with joy, while anticipating a truly happy Kabolas HaTorah.

Show a suffering family that you care – b’lev echad.