Every little girl dreams of the day she will wear a puffy white gown and ever boy looks forward to the day his bar mitzvah will be celebrated. But when their home is stricken with poverty, neglect or orphanage, their dreams are cruelly shattered. In 2008 Tov V’Chesed established the Simcha Fund after hearing the cries of the poor and orphaned children who were being fed from the food distributions.


To date, Tov V’Chesed has already funded over 1,034 weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. Helping with pre-simcha arrangements and financing much of the expenses, the orphans are given a chance to commence a new chapter in their life with dignity.


You can contact the office at Tov V’Chesed to find out if there’s an orphan bar mitzvah or wedding on the day of your simcha to bring joy to a child on your joyous day.