Shabbos with Boneinu is “Ah Mechaya”!

Nov. 20, ’17

Ah Shabbes mitt Buneini iz ah mechayeh! Close to 300 orphaned boys sang, keyboard and guitar rocking along. This kumzitz was the finale to a Shabbaton that the orphans cared for by Tov V’Chesed await all year long. And not for naught.

Everything about the Shabbaton is 5-star material, from food to decor to programs. The boys are plied with warmth and love, treats and gifts. Therapists who work with these orphans throughout the year have commented that the effect of this one Shabbos has the same effect as months of therapy!

Shabbos with Boneinu is a chance for orphans to experience a Shabbos table the way it’s meant to be – unfortunately, not something they enjoy too often. Mentors and mechanchim join the children in a peaceful, rural setting, where the kids thrive on the encouragement and empathy that surrounds them on this magical weekend.


See the shining faces. These orphans are living it up thanks to generous donors around the world. Thank you!



Listen, the orphans are saying Kaddish!


Look at them dancing!