Special Ed – ible

Dec. 24, ’14   Tali’s 2nd grade teacher noticed that she seemed unfocused and was not able to keep up with the rest of the class. Sensing

Heaven-Sent Potatoes…

Oct. 2, ’14 “You are Hashem’s messengers!” the recipient called our office to say, “I feel that He answered my prayers through you.” We are humbled by

Ushpizin for your Sukkah

 Oct. 2, ’14   Are you ready for Sukkos?   Your sukkah is up and your freezer is packed, but what about your guests?   The Zohar

The Perfect Pose

Oct. 1, ’14 “One more delivery on this street!” Our volunteer leaned into the half-empty truck and began pulling boxes and sacks out onto his hand truck. He quickly checked to

To Make a House a Home

May 13, ’14   Some say that it’s the heart that makes a house a home.   Others say that it’s the little things that make  a house a home.   In either case, our

Delivering the Joy of Yom Tov

Apr. 9, ’14     3,500 families were delighted this week to find 9 boxes and sacks of food at their front doors.   The packages didn’t get there on

The Rachmastrivke Rebbe’s Gratitude

Apr. 8, ’14   Monday’s deliveries were going strong. While the tireless volunteer crew was starting the fourth delivery route,  the Rachmastrivke Rebbe shlita paid a visit to the

Harav Biderman Davens For Our Families

Apr. 8, ’14   Monday night heralded the second and third delivery routes of Pesach packages, and another distinguished guest.  The world renowned mashpia Harav Elimelech Biderman


Packing It All Up

Apr. 4, ’14   Stacks of boxes fill the warehouse almost completely, and 52 volunteers and employees are all revved up to – pack!     The

Pesach Prep

Apr. 1, ’14   We’re getting our Pesach shopping done! A whopping 15,000 empty boxes were delivered to the warehouse last week. They’ll be trucked out of

Toivee’s Debut Trip

Mar. 13, ’14   Yesterday, the very first Toivee group happily set out to bring orah and simcha – light and joy to families that are struggling

New House; New Freezer!

Feb. 24, ’14   Six skids of frozen chicken takes up a whole lot of space. Where would you put all that? In our new freezer, of

Appreciation Visit

Feb. 18, ’14   Six months after doctors told her parents to say goodbye, eight-year-old Malky walked into the warehouse, catching us all by surprise.   In the summer, Malky’s

A Welcome Lift

Feb. 4, ’14   If it isn’t our long-awaited forklift! Major Pesach deliveries are coming up, and the architectural layout of our new warehouse requires this nifty

Unexpected Honor

Feb. 17, ’14   Even for a veteran volunteer like Gavriel, this was an unexpected surprise.   He had just dropped off a package for one of

Tu B’Shevat

Jan. 16, ’14   Tu B’Shevat is not only a time of renewal for the trees, but for our families, too.   The weekly packages were delivered


In Vilednik

December 24, 2013   Today, on the yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber, zt”l (1789-1850), author of Shearis Yisroel, a representative of Tov V’Chesed prayed at his gravesite.