Clothing and Shoes Distribution

December 18, 2013   On Tuesday, the first group of single-parent families were invited to the warehouse to come shop for shoes.   Close to three thousand


Snow In Jerusalem

December 12, 2013 They can handle the terrorists, but not the snow. Jerusalem was paralyzed last Thursday and Friday, as stores did not open, electricity shut off,


December 11, 2013  Winter hit Jerusalem hard this year. The harshness of the cold was unexpected, too. Tourists who visited the city right before Chanuka enjoyed the

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Party In Prison

December 5, 2013 Tov V’Chesed volunteers loaded up a van with latkes and donuts this past Thursday, and programmed the GPS to send them to jail. The


Light Up Their Nights

 November 30, 2013 Beneath the setting sun, a young man walks briskly, pushing a hand truck. He rounds a bend, reaches a door, and heaves a box

Our Own Warehouse, At Last!

November 20, 2013 After three years of planning, hoping, and exerting much effort and energy toward this goal, we finally moved into our own building. This will

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All For Himself

  November 9, 2013 Our volunteer had been climbing stairs with heavy boxes on his shoulder for four hours, and his weary muscles were protesting the strain. He

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Giving with Care

October 23, 2013    This story took place on the night before Yom Kippur.   Our volunteer arrived to a multi-family complex where he delivers a food



September 11, 2013    That’s right, ‘D’ is for Delivery! We started this week Monday, and we’re still going strong. There’s a whopping 2,500 packages to be


Burning the Midnight Oil

August 27, 2013   Forget about turning off the lights in our warehouse; not on the twentieth of Elul! Shifts of volunteers are up and about now,

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Yom Tov at the Warehouse!

August 15, 2013 The Yom Tov products that we ordered at rock bottom prices  are beginning to arrive at our warehouse. There are 40 types of products in

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Far more Pleas than Expected

A mountain of applications were brought before our guiding Rabbanim. Together with the organization’s askanim, they carefully considered each and every plea for help. Much to the

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The Great Flood Begins

Yom Tov applications are flooding our Israel office. Each one is a call for help  that we cannot bear to refuse.  Volunteers man the phones and talk


New Timesaver

To quicken the Pesach packing, an automatic taping machine was welcomed to our warehoused. With 2,500 packages – each comprised of six boxes – to assemble, we

Delivering Purim Joy to Prison

Late on Thursday night, we finally got the special permit we needed to go dance with prisoners in Be’er Sheva. We were busy all Friday and till


Unfazed by the Storm

Not quite like Superstorm Sandy, but also wet, also cold, and very, very inconvenient. At Tov V’Chesed, the rare heavy rains and slushy snow this week were


Re-evaluation Refused

In preparation for our annual massive Pesach projects, the activists of Tov  V’Chesed visited the homes of Harav Yaakov Meir Shechter and Harav Shmuel Auerbach. The askanim