Successful ‘Shabbos Bnoseinu’ for orphaned girls held this month

It was a weekend to remember as Tov V’Chesed along with Project Bnoseinu held the inaugural Shabbas Bnsoeinu for orphaned girls from around Israel. The Shabbos was designed to give these girls a few crucial days of chizzuk and support.
Project Bnoseinu, led and directed along with R’ Menachem Shmuel Dachner, provides comprehensive emotional and material support to children who have unfortunately experienced the passing of a parent. The emotional turmoil that befalls these families leaves tremendous stress on the young children who often suffer in silence. Project Bnoseinu assists these girls with all their needs so that they can grow up as healthy and happy women.
The Shabbos saw hundreds of girls come together for a weekend where they were able to spend time with friends who find themselves in similar predicaments. When the children arrived, they were greeted with a beautiful mock-up of a previous-century marketplace where they were able to choose food and treats for Shabbos. It was unbelievable to watch the girls relax in the warm and encouraging environment around them.
Throughout the Shabbos, the participants were able to let go and be themselves in a warm and encouraging atmosphere, something that is often missing from their lives. As the Shabbaton wrapped up, the smiles on the faces of the participants was evidence to the tremendous success of the retreat and the positive results it had on the girls’ well being. If there was one downside to the entire event it was that unfortunately some invited girls were unable to make it and they missed out on this amazing Shabbaton. 
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