Starters for Sukkos

Aug. 23, ’16


The 3 weeks are over and there’s that new feel to the season: the summer’s-almost-over-let’s-make-the-most-of-it (if it may be put it this way) panic.
At Tov V’Chesed, we’re on that bandwagon, too, albeit with a different twist. It’s the Yom-Tov’s-almost-here-let’s-get-ready-for-it for our Israel staff. Panic? Not quite.




Our calendar is flipped to Tishrei – when upwards of 37,000 poor and orphaned children in Israel will receive all the food (and household basics too, mind you) they need to celebrate a truly joyous Sukkos. According to their level of need, each family will receive 6-9 boxes brimming with the best of everything. That’s where our Yom Tov preparations currently begin: one of these boxes are being packed tomorrow! That’s right, just one of the 6-9 that each family will be receiving and that’s because the items to be packed in there are non-perishable. At the beginning of this week, we got pallets of grape juice, flour and assorted canned goods delivered to the warehouse, and on Wednesday, with a troupe of eager volunteers at the ready, the great pack begins!


You can pack in the zechusim, too! Click here to send food for Sukkos to poor and orphaned children.