Warming Their Hearts


This letter depicts the distress of a family in need, and the hope and light that the weekly package brings into their home. Dear donor, this family is thanking you for your care that warms their hearts.


To  Tov V’Chesed and all your dear donors,

In a few short lines we would like to express some of our feelings towards you, for as much as we’ll write it will be only a drop in the ocean of our vast appreciation.


We are a family blessed with many children B”H. Among them is an eighteen year old girl whose feet are ל”ע paralyzed.  She is confined to a wheelchair all the time and we have many expenses from her and from our whole family. Every time the delivery arrives it brings excitement to the entire family. We look forward every day that maybe today it will arrive, maybe tomorrow. It always comes at the right time, and helps us a lot. There are many products that we don’t buy because they are too expensive or simply because we don’t have money for that, and then your deliveries arrive with all these good, expensive products that we would never allow ourselves.


We wish that Hashem should send you Bracha and Hatzlacha in everything you do. You should have all the best spiritually and physically. You should always be able to help and bring joy and encouragement to people who need it.   You should never need to take from others.


With a Bracha for good health,

Family L.





Bring joy to another family