about tov v'chesed

Tov V'Chesed was established in 2003 with a goal of providing an all-encompassing solution to the pain and suffering of orphans and impoverished families.

Beyond just material and emotional support, Tov V'Chesed has set its mission to uphold the dignity of its recipient base. That means undertaking the overwhelming burden of distributing all food assistance directly to the doors of its recipients in the guise of a regular grocery order.

From its modest beginnings as a one man on a mission, Tov V'Chesed continues to expand along with the growing need for critical assistance. Today, with a virtual army of 1,128 volunteers, funded by some 9,000 donors from around the world, Tov V'Chesed continues to find new ways to ease the pain and suffering of so many of our dear brothers and sisters.

The common thread among Tov V'Chesed's diverse initiatives is its focus on dignity. The organization spares no effort to keep the dignity of the recipients intact. Whether its food distribution, simcha funding, or anything in between, every act of kindness is executed with the utmost attention to the recipients' honor and respect.
children In Israel
live in dire poverty!

our mission

Rabbi Yaakov Eliezer Shisha founded Tov V'Chesed with a steadfast, single mission. No child should ever have to endure the shame, the torment and the hunger that robbed him of his own carefree childhood.

The oldest in an impoverished family of 13 siblings, the responsibility to put bread on the table fell on his fragile shoulders.

Left with no choice, the young Yaakov Eliezer would rummage behind grocery stores and hang around the at the bakery at closing time, hoping to stumble upon something he could bring home to his hungry sisters and brothers.

His youthful innocence and joy of childhood was torn from him as he occupied his mind with looking for ways to help his family survive. It was then, in his extreme desperation and humiliation, that he made a promise: "When I grow up, no child in Israel will suffer!"

From the day after his wedding, he began organizing, fundraising, recruiting, purchasing — trying valiantly to put an end to the pain of thousands of innocent children.
Reb Shisha's Pledge
"No child should experience the pain
and humility of a childhood like my own."
reb shisha
The early years were a constant uphill struggle. Thanks to Rabbi Shisha's resolve and perseverance, Tov V'Chesed today is a multifaceted empire of charity. Personally, Rabbi Shisha is a self-made, successful businessman. Tov V'Chesed is his labor of love. He runs the organization fully on a volunteer basis, with every dollar contributed going to provide critical aid to the growing list of needy recipients.