“Poor men don’t die of hunger, but of shame.”

– R’ Yisroel Salanter


It takes a man who has been there to really know this. In the throes of his own humiliation, little Yanky Schischa vowed to preserve the poor man’s dignity. He built Tov V’Chesed on a foundation of sensitivity borne of his own painful experience.



Quality Products

This is easier said than done.  We go to great lengths to provide only fresh, quality products, and we shop specifically for the most important things – not just the cheapest.

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Home Delivery

Instead of making our recipients come pick up their food according to our convenience, we set up our own spacious warehouse, and recruited a team of volunteers to pack the products neatly into boxes. All packages are delivered to the door by volunteers who can be trusted not to divulge any information, like the addresses where they drop off the packages.

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Our recipients would never recognize and feel beholden to a Tov V’Chesed volunteer they meet, simply because they have no idea who they are. The packages are laid down outside the door, and the volunteer knocks only once before hurrying away.

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Individual Care

Every so often, we call up each recipient family to inquire whether the items in the package are to their liking, and to ask if there is anything that we can do to improve our service to them. These calls give each recipient a warm touch of individual care. Many do not realize what a huge operation we run, and think that we are there just for them and a few others.

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A Way to Give Back

Most people don’t like to be at the receiving end. When circumstances force self-respecting people to accept help, they’ll often search for ways to return the favor, just for the sake of their dignity. At Tov V’Chesed, we provide a way for our recipients to give back to their donors in a way that actually benefits the donors tremendously.
What we do is, we put a note into each food package. The note bears the name of a donor and requests that the recipients pray for their health, blessings and success. The Zohar states that the prayers of the downtrodden are by far the most powerful of all. We see that power every day, as donors inform us of the miracles they merited after helping Tov V’Chesed families.