37,000 poor and orphaned children benefit from our services yearly. Here’s how:


Food packages are sent to the children and their families on a steady basis. According to their level of need, which is verified by our board of Rabbanim, the children get a box full of nourishing food weekly, monthly, and/or before the Yamim Tovim.

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Orphan Projects

With the goal of building up each orphan into the successful person he can be, our projects include the Boneinu House – a home-away-from-home center, getaways and mentor programs.

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The Simcha Fund

Though we cannot fill the gap of their tremendous loss, we can alleviate the shame and pain of orphaned brides and bar mitzvah boys by helping with the expenses of their simcha. The allocated funds are paid directly to the vendors, to ensure a stress-free time for the single parents.