The pain of an orphan is fresh on everyone’s mind in the wake of the tragedy.


And then, life goes on. New simchas and, lo aleinu, new tragedies fade the memories of the old ones.


But an orphan constantly lives the pain of his loss anew. Every. Single. Day. With that in mind, we’ve established special programs for orphans, geared to help them deal with their painful situations and to build them up as thriving people leading normal, functioning lives.





The Boneinu House is a home-away-from-home center that the boys can visit daily to enjoy a warm meal, a fully-stocked library, the friendly companionship of others in their situation, and a private talk with one of our expert therapists.


Shabbatons and trips are organized several times a year, to refresh and rejuvenate the children and to give their single parents a breather during stressful times like bein hazemanim and Erev Yom Tov.


Mentors and therapists accompany each orphan on their – many times treacherous – journey to adulthood. They establish a rapport with the children’s schools in order to track their progress and keep them flourishing into the successful adults they can be.


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