09 07 2010 (7)

Tov V’Chesed’s monthly packages provide basic household items to families in serious distress. This program includes families that struggle with chronic illness, disability, or other unusual circumstances, like fire victims who were displaced from their homes.



Unfortunately, we do not have enough sponsors to send packages to these families every week. Therefore, we have designed a monthly package to stock their pantries with the most basic supplies. These packages include essential groceries such as flour, sugar, pasta, cereal, oil, canned goods and cleaning supplies. Our aim is to somewhat relieve the financial burden on the family so that they can focus on recovering from their crisis.

A donor who sponsors a complete monthly package gets to put in a note with the names of his family members  into one of the packages. Each month, a different family gratefully prays for the success of this donor. In addition, each weekly and monthly package has a sticker stuck onto the outside of the box. These stickers contain the requests of any donor or supporter of Tov V’Chesed who wants to ask the families to pray for a specific name.

We’ve sorted the applications. We’ve verified the need. We’ve set up our warehouse, and recruited the volunteers. We now need you to send the contents of the package to a waiting family.