This Succos, over 37,000 grateful children in Israel will receive a package of everything they need for Yom Tov.

Employees and volunteers work around the clock to pack 6-9 boxes per family, which contain 40 different food products including but not limited to meat and wine, chicken and fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, canned goods, and even yartzheit candles!

The packages are sent out to 35 neighborhoods across the country and carefully delivered to each family’s front door. They’ll be delighted to prepare for and celebrate this Yom Tov with tremendous joy.


Over 800 families on our waiting list need food for Yom Tov, too. Send a package now, so that another family will celebrate this Succos with joy!


Now before the Yom Hadin is your opportunity! Send a Yom Tov package to Hashem’s suffering children and He will repay you with a year of blessing.

Out for delivery: Last year’s packages going from warehouse to truck to each family’s front door.

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