A widow’s pain weighs heavier than financial burden she carries. Orphans, yearning for their father’s warmth and guidance, cannot also bear the pain of hunger.
Hundreds of families that live in serious poverty rely on Tov V’Chesed for the care and encouragement that comes along with their weekly food packages. There is such a staggering demand for this weekly assistance, that the program is limited to single-parent homes where there is no capable breadwinner.

We consider the circumstances of each family on a case-by-case basis. Priority is given to widows, divorcees and agunahs, though we sometimes include the families of medically disabled men or those of recently-remarried women who are struggling to adjust within their newly-blended family.
These families receive a wide range of food products including chicken, fruits & vegetables, milk, grape juice, cookies and cake. Deliveries are made every Thursday, regardless of weather conditions.
We believe that the prayers of the broken-hearted carry special strength in heaven. Donors who sponsor these weekly packages form a special bond with their adopted family, as the recipients return the kindness by praying for their sponsor’s ongoing health and success.